Katsuragisan MaruKatsuragisan Maru Truk Lagoon San Francisco Maru Engine RoomSan Francisco Maru Engine Room

Rec • Tec 2024


aboard the

M/V Truk Odyssey


Mike Gerken

Rec Week

April 13 - 20, 2024

Tec Week

April 21-27, 2024

Please join me for an epic two week, back to back wreck diving expedition to Truk Lagoon. On February 17th & 18th of 1944, United States Naval forces conducted the most daring carrier based aerial raid in history on the Japanese naval stronghold of Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. More than forty Japanese ships ended up at the bottom of the lagoon turning it into a modern day wreck diving mecca for sport divers the world over.  

I've been diving, filming & photographing the famed Japanese WWII wrecks since 2003 and am presently the captain of one of the finest luxury liveaboard dive vessels in the world, the M/V Odyssey. There is no safer, spacious and more luxurious a vessel to experience the wrecks of Truk from. I will be stepping aside as captain for these trips to focus all of my energy on the diving and
photo needs of the guests. I will utilize my 30 years of experience to make this dive expedition the most memorable. 

The first week of this dream itinerary is focused on diving the wrecks that have made Truk Lagoon famous. The Shinkoku, Hoki, Nippo, Fujikawa and the San Francisco Maru are all scheduled. The second week is dedicated certified tec diver who desires to dive the deeper less frequented wrecks such as the Amagisan, Aikoku and Shotan Maru (the San Francisco will also be on this itinerary). You can sign up for one or both of these trips. There are so many wrecks in Truk that you can dive two per day for two weeks and still not see them all!

Why not maximize your time on this side of the world and hit multiple top dive destinations with one airfare! Palau and Papua New Guinea are just the ticket. Both are adventurous world class dive locales and relatively easy to get to from Chuuk. I have lived and worked in Palau and know the destination well. PNG is not yet back on the itinerary but stay tuned. 

The Truk Odyssey 

 Since 1999, the Odyssey and her highly experienced crew have been taking avid divers in the lap of luxury to dive the wrecks of Truk Lagoon. The 133' vessel is tricked out to meet the most discerning divers needs. The luxury spacious staterooms with individual climate control will provide the perfect place to rest up between dives and get a good nights sleep. The delicious food served in the large dining room will not disappoint. Odyssey is a perfectly designed dive platform with everything the recreational and technical diver could ask for. Individual dive lockers, outdoor shower, rinse tanks and extra large camera table are but a few of the amenities on deck.  In addition, get truly spoiled with a diver lift from the water to the swim deck. Climb on and up you go. No exertion, no fuss. Great for divers with heavy gear or physical issues where climbing ladders is difficult. There are no details overlooked on the Odyssey.

Rec Week Details 

-Board the Odyssey no earlier than 5pm on Saturday.

-Up to 5 dives per day offered including night dive

-Depart the Odyssey 8am on Saturday

-Most dives will be less than 130'/40m; several wrecks offer max depths slightly deeper.

-The San Francisco Maru (ave depth 165'/50m) will be dived once on Friday the last day. 

All Inclusive Package Price $3895 per week (5% tax included) 

Kensho Maru CatwalkKensho Maru Catwalk Tec Week Details -Same as above except we will be diving 1 deep dive in the morning before lunch in depths of 150'/45m-200'/61m. 

-Afternoon dives will vary from 1 deep dive OR 2 moderate depth dives in depths of around 130'-140'. The afternoon schedule will depend on diver demands. Please make you let me know what you type of diving you want when you sign up.

Suggested Deep Wrecks

•Amagisan Maru 110'-180'

•Aikoku Maru 150'-190'

•Oite Destroyer 190'-200'

•Shotan Maru 140'-180'

•Fujisan Maru 140'-180'

•Nagano Maru 160'-190'   and more

All Inclusive Package Price $3895 per week (5% tax included)

Two week discount!  Subtract $400.00

Fumitzuki ThrottlesFumitzuki Throttles Whats Included:

-7 nights accommodation with 6 days of diving with up to 5 dives per day (except Fri 3 dives only)(see above for tech week schedule); between 2 and 3 wreck sites will be visited per day; 

-3 meals per day plus snacks. (Lets just say you won't go hungry on this trip)

-Professional guide service by Mike. He will share his vast knowledge of the wrecks and their history

-Free Nitrox - The Odyssey banks 30% nitrox or air

-Beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks and all beverages included!

-Tanks & Weights. The Odyssey provides 80cft, HP steel 120cft and twin manifolded 80cft cylinders plus 30 & 40 cft O2 compatible deco bottles for custom blends of 30% to 100%. (Additional fee for O2)

-Airport greeting and transfer to vessel

-Chuuk State Dive Permit ($50.00 value)

-Odyssey is rebreather friendly. Divers may utilize the 2 or 3 liter rebreather O2 and diluent bottles that are available at no charge. Absorbent is also available for purchase from the Odyssey at a competitive price. 

Additional Trip Features: 

Photo and video workshops

     -There will be workshops offered each day covering an extensive list of topics such as lighting, lens choices, composition, video editing techniques and setting exposure. Whether you're a novice or an expert, bring your GoPro, SLR or your point & shoot camera and go home with some amazing images.

Historical Briefings

     -Comprehensive historical briefings will be provided for each dive site. Mike will share his knowledge of both the history and photographic highlights of the wrecks. 

     -Whether your looking to take awesome photos or just see the sites, join Mike on one or more of his personal tours. In addition, there will be the usual compliment of highly experienced local dive guides to take you where ever your heart and nerves desire.

The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon - Documentary

     -Free digital copy of Mike's documntary, The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon. He spent more than 5 years researching and producing this far reaching historical film. It's a must see. 

Evening Presentations

     -Each evening, after dinner, see what Mike is up to when he will entertain you with his photo and video presentations. From the sand tiger sharks of the North Carolina wrecks to Socorro and Papua New Guinea, there will be plenty to see.

Momokawa Maru Control RoomMomokawa Maru Control Room

Whats Not Included:


-Chuuk airport departure tax $30.00 cash

-Gratuity for Odyssey crew (amount is at diver discretion)

-Equipment rental or dive instruction

-Oxygen and trimix

-Sorb for rebreather divers

-Hotel stay prior to boarding or after disembarkation (if required)

Reservation: A $900 deposit per person required 

Full payment will be due 90 days before charter date. Late payments may cause you to forfeit your spot and lose your deposit. 




Nippo Maru Engine RoomNippo Maru Engine Room Cancellation & Refund Policy

More than 9 months prior to charter date:  Refundable less $100 Administrative fee per person

•9 months to 181 days prior to charter date:  $250 of the deposit is forfeited.

•180 days to 91 days prior to charter date:  $500 of the deposit is forfeited.

•90 days to 61 days prior to charter date:  Forfeit entire deposit amount of $900.

•Less than 60 days prior to charter date:  No refund. This will be strictly enforced. See below.

Dive Insurance: We strongly recommend every passenger carry diving accident insurance such as Divers Alert Network (DAN). No Dive Insurance is included in this package.

Trip Insurance: We strongly recommend every passenger purchase comprehensive accident, medical, baggage and trip cancellation/interruption insurance. The insurance will protect the passenger from financial disappointment in the event of an unforeseen circumstances. No trip insurance is included in this package. 

Japanese "Norm" AircraftJapanese "Norm" Aircraft

Getting There: United Airlines is the only airline operating to Chuuk from either Hawaii or Guam. The two common routes are from Narita, Japan to Guam to Chuuk or Hawaii to Guam to Chuuk. Air Nuigini runs flights from Sydney, Australia to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea to Chuuk. This is ideal for travelers coming from Australia. Evolution Dive Travel can assist you with your airline bookings at no additional fee. 

Arrival/Departure date: Embarkation to the Odyssey is no earlier than 1700 hrs on the Saturday of each charter. Disembarkation will be at 0800 on Saturday at the end of each charter. 


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