Mike Gerken: Evolution Underwater Imaging | Dumaguete - New 2015
Dumaguete, Philippines is home to some of the worlds most diverse and unique underwater creatures. The photos in this gallery are but a sample of the marine life to be seen there.
Painted Frog FishMale Harlequin Shrimp w/sea starMale Harlequin Shrimp w/ sea starFemale (top) and Male (bottom) Harlequin Shrimp w/sea starFemale Harlequin ShrimpWhale Shark in Oslob, PIClarks Anemone FishPainted Frog Fish w/ Feather DusterA pair of False Clown Anemone FishFlamboyant CuttlefishFlamboyant CuttlefishFlamboyant CuttlefishTrunk FishOrnate Ghost Pipe FishOrnate Ghost PipefishClown Frog FishBlenny w/Bull Dozer ShrimpMantis ShrimpMantis ShrimpJuvenile Harlequin Sweet Lips