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Papua New Guinea


Walindi Resort

Kimbe Bay

Oct 17-24, 2020


Mike Gerken


Want to dive Truk Lagoon directly after PNG?

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Spiked Cheek Anemone FishSpiked Cheek Anemone Fish The results of my recent jaunt to Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea yielded some of the best reef diving I have experienced and due less to one singular feature but more the sum of its parts. It doesn't take long to notice that PNG has the highest marine biodiversity in the world. The tiered layers of hard corals are majestic and surrounded by magnificent sea anemones, enormous barrel sponges and gorgonians. Within this multi-dimensional reef are a community of fascinating species with elegant names such as ghost pipe fish, devil scorpions, pygmy sea horse, star-gazers and, Nemo's cousins, the false clown and spine cheek anemone fish. This locale is nit for regular sightings of manta rays or whale sharks but this should not deter anyone from visiting this dive destination. It is a true paradisal wonderland under the waves with so many smaller tangents merging together to create the "big picture".

Join me for a magnificent dive photo excursion to Papua New Guinea. Why stress out over the details of your journey when I will walk you through it? Let me use my 30 years of diving, photo and travel experience to make this a world class trip.

Due to a convenient direct flight from Port Moresby to Chuuk, Micronesia, I planned this trip directly before my Truk Lagoon Rec•Tec Expedition on board the M/V Odyssey. Leave Walindi on Sat morning and arrive in Truk on Sat afternoon and board the Odyssey immediately. A reefs to wrecks dream itinerary.



Walindi Resort & Plantation
Nestled in the shadow of an active volcano along the edge of a tropical rainforest is this splayed out waterfront resort called Walindi Plantation. The property is umbrellaed by old growth trees with a large assortment of flora and fauna surrounded by a sprawling palm oil plantation. The bungalows were quaint and comfortable with all the amenities a traveler would need. There was an absence of air conditioning but, the ceiling fan was more than adequate and I did not long for the chill of artificial climate control the entire two-weeks of my stay. The restaurant dished out some very tasty meals using local ingredients and the bar area with pool in the central part of the resort was a perfect place to unwind with a cold beer or a glass of wine after a wonderful day of diving.

BarracudaBarracuda Getting There

Fly to Port Moresby, PNG (POM) and connect to Hoskins Airport (HKN) on Air Nuigini. Port Moresby can be reached via Manila, Singapore, Brisbane, Sydney, Cairns or Chuuk. Contact me to help you with your flight plans. 

Dive Insurance: Every diver MUST carry diving accident insurance such as Divers Alert Network (DAN). No Dive Insurance is included in this package.

Trip Insurance: We strongly recommend every passenger purchase comprehensive accident, medical, baggage and trip cancellation/interruption insurance. The insurance will protect the passenger from financial disappointment in the event of an unforeseen circumstances. Trip insurance is not included.

Price: Packages start at $2194.00

Red Sea WhipsRed Sea Whips What's Included:

7 nights lodging at the Walindi Resort; Package will vary depending on occupancy.

12 dive dive package; Additional dives can be added on ala carte. 

All meals (the food is great!) 

RT transfer from Hoskins airport to Walindi Resort

Dive Safety Fee

Professional Photo & Video Workshops, Critiques and Presentations. 

What's NOT Included:

Airfare - Fly to Port Moresby International and catch a connector on Air Nuigini to Hoskins Airport

Extra Dives - The package includes 12 dives. If you want to do 3 dives per day a 6 additional dives can be purchased.

Night Dives - They are available if interested.


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