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Mike uses nothing but the finest materials and print processes to produce archival fade resistant prints that will highlight your home or office space.

Price List

7" x 10" - $55.00
11" x 17" - $125.00
16" x 24" - $225.00
26" x 34" - $450.00

Contact Mike for prices on custom printing on a variety of substrates such as fine art papers, ultra premium glossy and matte papers as well as sheeted aluminum metal prints.
[email protected]

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"It came this morning while I wasn’t home - my wife accepted it. I LOVE it! And, you may or may not know that my son is a professional photographer. He’s here and he is very impressed with it. Nothing impresses him so that is a great indication of how good it is.
I’m happy! Thanks again."
U-352 2010U-352 - 2009Fumitzuki DestroyerMesmerizedMating Mandarin Fish IIIAngelicAnemone FamilyRosemaryNetworkSea GreensMadivarooZero's IIBattle TankTruk Trucks IIFumitzuki BowAntiquity