North Carolina Wrecks

Shark Tec Expedition

June 19-23, 2021


Mike Gerken


Olympus Dive Center





Join me for a 5 day tec diving expedition to photograph and study the prolific sand tiger sharks on the wrecks of North Carolina. These charters are for the serious shark enthusiast who happens to love wreck diving. Let me utilize my 20 years of North Carolina wreck diving to put us on the hottest wreck sites. Minimum certification required is a decompression procedures or equivalent. The type of tec diving we will be doing is not about going deep but extending our bottom times on the shallow wrecks in ranges of 90-125'.  This will allow for quality time with the wrecks favorite inhabitants; carcharias taurus, the sand tiger shark or whatever interesting marine creature will swim out of the blue. Rebreather divers are more than welcome as well as open circuit. In addition to deco procedures, divers must produce sufficient dive experience in open ocean conditions to join us on this expedition. Stealthy divers who will blend in with the marine environment are a plus. No scooters or tank bangers allowed.


We will be chartering Olympus Dive Centers 20 passenger dive boat, the Midnight Express, (the vessel I happened to captain for 5 seasons). However, the max number of divers on these charters will be 12 including myself. This will allow ample space for extra gear and more elbow room on the wreck sites. We will depart the dock early approximately 6AM and conduct one dive in the morning and one dive in the afternoon before returning to the dock around 4pm. Bottom times will be limited only by personal training, experience, gear selection and cut off time to return to dock on schedule. If we find a hot wreck we will be diving it all day and multiple days until we get what we want. This is about quality of sites and not quantity. 

These dive sites are offshore in the Atlantic Ocean with 90-120 minute one way transit times. Currents are possible; visibility from 30 feet to 100+ feet; water temps 72F to 80F. Bring suitable thermal protection. 

Charter Fee

$1525.00 - No Accommodation

$1700.00 - w/5 nights Olympus Dive Lodge

(email for price) - Bask Hotel Package

What's Included

•5 days of diving; 2 deco dives per day

•Profession guide and photo service by Mike 

•Tank rentals, gas fills Nitrox and O2 are not included. 

•Dive Accident Insurance Mandatory

•Trip Insurance Strongly Recommended

I will be offering a hotel and dive package as soon as I am able to book with the Bask Hotel across the street from the dive shop. They are closed for repairs and not taking bookings for another few months. Contact me if you need help with alternate bookings.

Olympus Dive Center Location

713 Shepard St
Morehead City, NC 28557


Daily Schedule

Fri, June 18 - Arrive during the day to sign forms, load the boat and take care of any gear issues ie tank fills , O2 etc

Sat, June 19: Depart the dock 0600. Return 4pm.

June 20-23: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Potential Dive Sites

W.E. Hutton aka Papoose max depth 125'/38M

Caribsea: Max Depth 90'/27M

Atlas Tanker: Max Depth 115'/35M

USCGC Spar: Max Depth 110'/34M

Aeolus: Max Depth 110'/34M

CCR Divers

•CCR divers must bring proof of certification for their specific units.  No exceptions. 

•Olympus Dive Center does not stock Helium. If you require it, you must contact them long in advance to arrange. However, at the depths we will be diving mix is not necessary.

•Same applies for sorb. Contact the dive shop to arrange for them to supply it. Otherwise, bring your own. 

To Sign Up:

Contact [email protected] and he will send you an application. Fill out application and email back to Mike. He will then furnish you with an invoice and instructions on how to make payment. It's that simple. 

Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy

•An Administrative fee of $50.00 is non-refundable regardless of the number of dive day cancellations. 

•A 25% deposit per person plus this filled out application is required to confirm the reservation(s).

•Full payment due 30 days from charter date.

•Dive package refund offered up to 30 days of charter date.

•Bask Hotel refunds offered 7 days prior to check in minus $50 booking fee.

•Refunds will be issued for charter date(s) canceled due to adverse weather or mechanical failure. Refund will be the Olympus Dive Center's daily charter rate.

•Decisions to cancel a charter will be made the morning of each charter unless in the event of inevitable severe weather ie tropical storm or hurricane.

•Payments can be made with a check or bank transfer or credit card via Square or PayPal.

•A 4% fee will be incurred for Square and PayPal transactions. Bank transfers will incur a minimum of $15.00 bank fee. Attendees will be responsible for additional fees where applicable. No fee for paying by check.

•Payment by check not accepted within 14 days of first charter.


All questions email [email protected]