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This trip is behind us and it was a hugely successful one. See here for video highlights: 

Mike Gerken's

"Truk Lagoon


January 21-28, 2018

aboard the

M/V Odyssey


Truk Lagoon is the most iconic wreck diving destination in the world. On February 17th & 18th of 1944, United States Naval forces conducted the most daring carrier based aerial raid in history on the Japanese naval stronghold of Truk Lagoon in Micronesia.  More than forty Japanese ships ended up at the bottom of the lagoon turning it into a modern day wreck diving mecca for sport divers the world over.  

I've been diving and photographing the famed Japanese WWII wrecks since 2003 and am presently the captain of one of the finest luxury liveaboard dive vessels, the M/V Odyssey. What better way to experience the wrecks of Truk than onboard the Odyssey and with my knowledge and experience to help do it right?

For the week of January 21-28, 2018, I will take be stepping aside from my captains duties and focus all of my attention on providing a trip of a lifetime to all who join me. The concept for this trip has been with me for many years and I am finally getting this off the ground. Please read on below. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email [email protected].

If you have ever wanted to dive Truk or have been there before and are anxious to return, I'm confident you will not be disappointed in this trip. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards,



-Mike Gerken

The Details:

The M/V Odyssey

Since 1999, the Odyssey and her highly experienced crew have been taking avid divers in the lap of luxury to dive the wrecks of Truk Lagoon. The 136' vessel is tricked out to meet the most discerning divers needs. The luxury spacious staterooms with individual climate control will provide the perfect place to rest up between dives and get a good nights sleep. The delicious food served on board will keep your energy levels up and offer a comfortable environment to enjoy your meals. Odyssey is a perfectly designed dive platform with everything the recreational and technical diver could need. Individual dive lockers, outdoor shower, rinse tanks and extra large camera table are but a few of the amenities on the dive deck. The latest addition will be a diver elevator to lift divers from the water to the swim deck with little exertion. Climb in and push the button and up you go. Great for divers with heavy gear or physical issues where climbing ladders is difficult. There are few details overlooked on this liveaboard dive vessel. 

Sankisan Maru Hard Coral DelightSankisan Maru Hard Coral DelightHard corals below the forward mast of the Sankisan Maru. Whats Included:

-7 nights accommodation with 6 days of diving with up to 5 dives per day. Between 2 and 3 wreck sites will be visited per day.

-3 meals per day plus snacks. (Lets just say you won't go hungry on this trip.)

-Free Nitrox - The Odyssey banks 30% nitrox or air. 

-Beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks and all beverages included.

-Tanks & Weights. The Odyssey provides 80cft, HP steel 120cft and twin manifolded 80cft cylinders plus 30cft ponies. The ponies are O2 compatible for custom blends of 30% to 100%. (Additional fee required).

-Airport greeting and transfer to vessel.

-Chuuk State Dive Permit ($50.00 value)

-Odyssey is rebreather friendly. Divers may utilize the 2 or 3ltr Odyssey rebreather O2 and diluent bottles that are available at no charge. Absorbent is also available from Odyssey but for a fee. 

Additional Trip Features:

Photo and video workshops

     -There will be two workshops offered each day covering an extensive list of topics such as lighting, lens choices, composition, video editing techniques and setting exposure. Whether you're a novice or an expert, bring your GoPro, SLR or your point & shoot camera and go home with some amazing images.

Historical Briefings

     -Comprehensive historical briefings will be provided for each dive site. Mike will share his knowledge of both the history and photographic highlights of the wrecks.

Fumitzuki BowFumitzuki BowThe bow of the Fumitzuki. Guided Dives

     -Whether your looking to take awesome photos or just see the sites, join Mike on one or more of his personal tours. In addition, there will be the usual compliment of highly experienced local dive guides to take you where ever your heart (and nerves) desire.

The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon - Documentary

     -In 2011, Mike released a full length documentary titled, The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon. He spent more than 5 years researching and producing this far reaching historical film. A FREE copy of this DVD will be mailed or made available for download to each couple or individual who signs up for the trip once a deposit has been received. You will be fired up to dive Truk after you watch this film. 

Video of the Week

     -Mike will produce one of his famous weekly videos with highlights of the trip above and below the water. Visit Mike's You Tube page for a sampling of his work from Truk Lagoon as well as North Carolina. 

Evening Presentations

     -Each evening, after dinner, see what Mike is up to when he will entertain you with his photo and video presentations. From the sand tiger sharks of the North Carolina wrecks to the macro world of the Philippines, there will be plenty to see.

Reef Sharks - PisionReef Sharks - Pision Shark Shoal Maru

     ​-Weather permitting, we will take the Odyssey to the outer reef for an up close and personal encounter with Truk Lagoons toothy residents. Gray reefs, black tips and the occasional silver tip sharks will awe us with their presence while hundreds of red snappers, tuna, fusiliers and a wide assortment of reef fish will make a dive you will not soon forget. 


In addition, you will be given a free custom designed trip t-shirt and one complimentary 8" x 10" fine art print from Mike's collection.

Truk Lagoon Articles

Read about diving Truk from the Odyssey in Pacific Island Living Magazine; photos and text by Mike Gerken

Read about diving the wreck of the Hoki Maru in Wreck Diving Magazine; photos and text by Mike Gerken

Read about diving the wreck of the Fumitzuki in Wreck Diving Magazine; photos and text by Mike Gerken


Package Price (all inclusive): $3540 (5% tax included)

What's not Included:

-Airfare is not included.

-Chuuk departure tax $20 cash. Payment is made at airport upon departure.

-Gratuity for Odyssey crew

-Equipment rental or dive instruction

-Oxygen for custom blends and trimix

-Hotel stay after Sunday morning drop off at 08:00am. 

Reservation: A $900 deposit will be required to secure you space.

Full payment will be due 9 months before charter date on April 28, 2017. Late payments may cause you to forfeit your spot and lose your deposit. 

Cancellation policy:

  1. More than 9 months prior to charter date:  Refundable less $100 Administrative fee per person.
  2. 9 months to 181 days prior to charter date:  $250 of the deposit is forfeited.
  3. 180 days to 91 days prior to charter date:  $500 of the deposit is forfeited.
  4. 90 days to 61 days prior to charter date:  Forfeit entire deposit amount ($900).
  5. Less than 60 days prior to charter date:  No refund. This will be strictly enforced. See below.

Dive Insurance: We strongly recommend every passenger carry diving accident insurance such as Divers Alert Network (DAN). No Dive Insurance is included in this package.

Trip Insurance: We strongly recommend every passenger purchase comprehensive accident, medical, baggage and trip cancellation/interruption insurance. The insurance will protect the passenger from financial disappointment in the event of an unforeseen circumstances. No trip insurance is included in this package. 

Getting There: United Airlines is the only airline operating to Chuuk from either Hawaii or Guam. The two common routes are from Narita, Japan to Guam to Chuuk or Hawaii to Guam to Chuuk. 

Arrival date: All passengers will be admitted to the boat no earlier than 5pm Sunday January 21, 2018.

Contact [email protected] for additional information or to make your reservation.