Megalodon Shark Teeth Hunting

June 16-18, 2023

Mike Gerken & Wrightsville Beach Diving

on the 

Ledge Tender


A days dig.

The Megladon shark lived over 2-20 million years ago. With lengths as great as 60 feet and teeth as big as 7 inches, this was the largest predator the earth has ever seen. One's imagination runs wild when holding these ancient fossils in your hand. The North Carolina Coast is renown for having large deposits of "meg" teeth buried only inches below the sand. Divers can easily dig the sea bed and uncover prized teeth cherished by collectors. If you're lucky you may find the coveted 6" or larger tooth.


When you first uncover a tooth you will feel a rush of discovery and likely get bitten by the bug. The "Ledge Tender" out of Wrightsville Beach, NC has been at this for a long time. Let me say simply, these guys are dialed in.

There is a chance Mike may not be on board for this charter but will see the boat off in the morning and greet you upon return. I will be taking care of all logistics so you don't have to. Just show up with your gear and certification card and I'll cover the rest. 

Contact [email protected] for additional information and to make reservations.


Cost: $1175.00 3 days diving/3 dives per day. Includes Fuel Surcharge

Scooter Rental: Optional $50/day (highly recommended)

Depth: Approximately 95'-110'

Current: Expect mild to medium currents

Visibility: 30-100'

Bottom Temp: 72F to 76F 

Distance offshore: 40-45nm

Max Tanks: 3 per person or one CCR

Max # Divers:

Location: Bridge Tender Marina, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington. NC

Departure Time: 0700 (meet at 0630)

Accommodation: Contact Mike for assistance with your accommodation.

Advanced Open Water Divers only with open ocean diving experience. Participation will be at Mike's discretion. 


Contact [email protected] for additional information and to make reservations.