Mastering Video Shorts

"Tips & Techniques for Producing High Quality Videos Quickly & Efficiently"

Are you having difficulty finding the time to edit your vacation videos?

Are you new to the process of shooting and editing your own video?

Do you wonder how the pros produce videos with impact?

Do you want to grab the attention of users on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Mike's "Mastering Video Shorts" is the course for you.


For more than 10 years Mike has been producing videos for his audiences. He has years of experience producing video shorts for his guests on liveaboard dive vessels such as the M/V Truk Aggressor,  the M/V Odyssey and the S/Y Palau Siren.  Time was always the factor for him in getting the job done with high end results. Over the years he has mastered the techniques required to produce videos that will grab the attention of his audience and keep them coming back for more. Mike has used his work extensively to promote his photographic works and full length documentary films. Discover from Mike just how quick and easy it is to produce a quality video that you would be proud to show your peers. 

Only $75.00 USD per 90 minute session or a discounted $200 for a block of 3 sessions.

Contact [email protected] for scheduling and additional information.

Sample Course Curriculum:

-Gear Selection

-Shooting Techniques-Composition

-File Handling and Workflow
-Editing Techniques


and much much more!

Each session includes one photo critique where you put together a portfolio of your best shots to present to Mike. He will sit down with you and perform a professional critique on how you can improve your photography.


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