Mike Gerken: Evolution Underwater Imaging | Wreck of the SS President Coolidge
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With the use of narration and archival photos and film footage, this video documentary explores the history of the SS President Coolidge from her years as a luxury passenger liner to her untimely demise in the waters of Vanuatu while serving as a troop transport ship for the US military in the South Pacific during World War II. This along with stunning present day underwater footage demonstrates why the SS President Coolidge is one of the worlds most famous wreck dives.

A Documentary Film
The "SS President Coolidge" is one of the world's most famous shipwrecks. In 2006, Mike Gerken arrived in Espirito Santo, Vanuatu to film and document the 650 foot long WWII shipwreck the "SS President Coolidge". He spent four months diving nearly every day collecting the most comprehensive video of this famous shipwreck ever assembled and produced his first full length documentary titled "The Wreck of the SS President Coolidge".

•More than 25 minutes of scenes with rare archival film and still images depicting detailed history of the SS President Coolidge.
•Nearly every foot of this wreck depicted in stunning underwater footage.
•An interview with Coolidge survivor, Stephen Parisi.
•Amazing footage of the numerous artifacts.
•See the plethora of marine life residing on the Coolidge today.
and much more!
This is a must have for Coolidge enthusiasts, sport divers and WWII history buffs alike.

Feature Run Time: 70 Minutes Hours

Stock Footage:
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