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Bumphead Parrotfish Spawning

November 8-15, 2020

Price: $2395.00pp; dbl occup.

$2995.00pp; sgl occup.

Join me for Back to Back Truk/Palau!

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The Highlight Dives: Bumphead Parrotfish Spawning


Palau is a stunning island nation both above and below the water. It is a "bucket list" destination due to the surreal tropical setting of the Rock Islands and the plethora of marine life to be seen such as sharks, mantas, schooling fish and sheer coral coated walls. 

For six months in 2013, I lived in worked in Palau as a captain & photographer. One of the highlights was diving with crew from Unique Diving Expeditions (UDE); a part of Sam's Tours and led by friends, Paul Collins and Richard Barnden. By studying the lunar cycles, they determined accurately when one can witness thousands of fish spawn and continue their species. Their will be two days diving with UDE included this package and we will be diving to witness the bumphead parrotish spawning. To see a dozen of these fish at any given time is a site to see never mind a 1000, which is the estimated number.

Of course we will be diving Crocodile FishCrocodile FishThere is no questioning why this fish species is called a crocodile fish. This photo taken at Sam's Wall in Palau. the sites that have made Palau famous such as, Germa n Channel, Blue Corner, Ulong Channel and a snorkel excursion to the famed Jelly Fish Lake. We may even throw in a wreck or two for those keen to get a bit rusty. 

Sam's Tours has been offering exciting diving in Palau since 1990. They are an organization committed to providing safe and professional service. The professional staff and conveniently located facility on Malakaal Harbor make for the perfect launch pad for the high speed boats that will race you off to the many premier dive sites. I believe this organization is the best dive operator in Palau.

Want to maximize your time in Micronesia and scratch two premier destinations off your list at the same time? Mike has the Rec•Tec 2020 expeditions in Truk Lagoon that fall before this Palau adventure. Find out more here. There is a $200 discount for attending a Truk and Palau expedition. 


We will be staying at the Palau Central Hotel located in downtown Koror near many restaurants, markets and shopping. The hotel prides itself on high levels of service and comfort while offering the best value in Palau. The hotel has it's own outdoor pool with million dollar view and onsite bar and grill, The Canoe Bar. The bar is the perfect place to unwind with a local crowd and tell stories of the days events diving Palau and dine on tasty food.

Photo Services

I will be offering my professional photo and video services for the duration of the entire trip not to mention my personal knowledge of Palau above and below the water. Whether we are sitting around the bar after a great day of diving or at the hotel relaxing, I can offer tips and techniques on how to obtain great shots. 

Manta Rays Feeding in Tandem

Jelly Fish LakeJelly Fish LakeAnnette frolicking with the Jelly Fish. Schedule - All dives are three tank dives including a snorkel excursion to Jelly Fish Lake and a dive into Chandelier Cave. 

•Sun, Nov. 8 - Arrival and Check-In at Palau Central (custom dates possible)

•Mon, Nov. 9 - Day One w/Sam's Tours

•Tue, Nov. 10 - Day Two w/Sam's Tours 

•Wed, Nov. 11 - Day Three w/Sam's Tours + Jelly Fish Lake (Optional)

Thu, Nov. 12 - Day Four w/Sam's Tours + Chandelier Cave (Optional)

•Fri, Nov. 13 - Day One Bumphead Parrotfish Spawning w/Unique Dive Expeditions

•Sat, Nov. 14 - Day Two Bumphead Parrotfish Spawning w/Unique Dive Expeditions

•Sun, Nov. 15 - Peleliu Island Land Tour (Optional)

•Sun or Mon Nov 16 - Departure

Custom arrival and departure dates can be accommodated. Contact Mike for pricing. 

What's Included?

•7 nights at Palau Central Hotel double occupancy (Late check-out if required will be extra)

•Breakfast at the Palau Central

•Airport Transfers

•6 days of diving; (3 tank dives; 4 days Sam's Tours standard diving and 2 days with UDE)

•Professional Photo & Video Instruction by Mike Gerken

•Bento Box Lunch (provided by Sam's Tours)

•Peleliu Land Tour - Full Day

•Jelly Fish Lake Snorkel Excursion (part of a 2 tank dive day)

•Chandelier Cave Dive (part of a 2 tank dive day)

•Professional guides, tanks, weights and Nitrox up to 32%. 

•Unlimited diving at "Sam's Wall" (Mandarin fish & superb macro fish life)


What's NOT Included?

•Peleliu dive permit $30.00 (if we dive Peleliu)

•Rock Island Dive Permit $50.00 (add Jelly Fish Lake $100.00)


•Departure Tax $50.00

•Trip Insurance - It is strongly suggested you invest in trip insurance upon initial deposit to protect yourself against unforeseen events that will cause you to cancel. 


You must have an Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent to participate in the UDE dive tours. Be prepared  to fin against stiff currents on steep walls with changing environmental conditions. 

Getting There

•United Airlines, Korean Airlines, China Air and Asiana Airlines service Palau via Narita, Japan; Taipei, China; Guam, USA; Manilla, Philippines or Seoul, South Korea.

•Your dive package can be customized with earlier or later departure and arrival dates. Contact Mike for booking assistance. 


•A $600 deposit per person required with $100 non-refundable admin fee. 

•Full payment will be due 90 days prior to start of trip. Late payments may cause you to forfeit your spot and lose your deposit. 

Cancellation policy:

  1. More than 9 months prior to charter date:  Refundable less $100 Administrative fee per person.
  2. 9 months to 181 days prior to charter date:  $250 of the deposit is forfeited.
  3. 180 days to 91 days prior to charter date:  $400 of the deposit is forfeited.
  4. 90 days to 61 days prior to charter date:  Forfeit entire deposit amount of $600.
  5. Less than 60 days prior to charter date:  No refund for entire amount. This will be strictly enforced. See below.

Dive Insurance: We strongly recommend every passenger carry diving accident insurance such as Divers Alert Network (DAN). No Dive Insurance is included in this package.

Trip Insurance: We strongly recommend every passenger purchase comprehensive accident, medical, baggage and trip cancellation/interruption insurance. The insurance will protect the passenger from financial disappointment in the event of an unforeseen circumstances. No trip insurance is included in this package. 


Photo/Video Gallery

Bumphead Parrotfish

Green Sea Turtle


Red Snapper Spawning


Mating Mandarin Fish IIIMating Mandarin Fish IIIMandarin Fish are one of the most colorfully stunning fish in the sea and capture the hearts of anyone who had ever laid eyes on them. These two Mandarin's are engaged in spawning. Once the female chooses her mate, they rise off the bottom like helicopters releasing sperm and eggs simultaneously in to the water. Mating Mandarins at "Sam's Wall"


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