Megladon Shark Tooth Hunting Charters June 2018

Dig'n w/Mike Gerken

A days dig.

The Megladon shark lived over 3 million years ago. With lengths as great as 55 feet and teeth as big as 6.5 inches this was the largest predator the earth has ever seen. One's imagination runs wild when holding these ancient fossils in your hand. The North Carolina Coast is renown for having large deposits of "meg" teeth buried only inches below the sand. Divers can easily dig the sea bed and uncover prized teeth cherished by collectors. Some of the larger teeth will fetch hundreds of dollars in the fossil trade however, most hold on to their teeth in their private collections or give them away as gifts. 



Join me for a day or multiple days offshore digging for "meg" teeth and whale bones. Feel free to bring a camera but these dives are primarily spent digging furiously in the sand looking intently for teeth. The experience is a rush especially when you return to the boat with a pile of meg teeth. The dive boats I will be using are highly reputable with knowledge of high yield offshore tooth ledges. 


These charters will take place after the 2018 NC Wreck•Shark Shootout out of Morehead City. Join me for the Shootout and then head south with me to Wilmington afterwards for some dig'n. 

Contact for additional information and to make reservations.


Charter Fee: $300/Day; Sign up for one or more days.

Dates: Contact Mike for Availability.

     Tuesday, June 5

     Friday, June 8

     Saturday, June 9

     Sunday, June 10

Depth: Approximately 95'

Visibility: 30-100'

Bottom Temp: mid 70's (contact Mike when date drawers near for up-to-date conditions)

Distance offshore: 45nm

Dives: 3 dives per day

Max Tanks: 3 per person (call for permission if you intend to bring accessory gear such as deco bottles or scooters i.e. DPVs)

Max # divers: 6 per boat x 2 boats

Location: Bridge Tender Marina, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington. NC

Departure Time: 0700 (meet at 0630)

Accommodation: Please take care of your own accommodation. There are numerous well known hotels within 7 miles of the marina.


Contact for additional information and to make reservations.